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Suzuki 4WD Club (Canterbury, NZ)

Owning a four wheel drive vehicle is an integral part of your life. It allows you to discover a whole new outdoor world that the average person will never see. It provides adventure and brings you closer to nature.

Members of Suzuki 4WD Club Canterbury share your interests and desires. We know the unparalleled beauty of watching the afternoon sun dip behind a remote mountain top, or waking up to the sound of a fast running stream. That's why one goal of the Suzuki 4WD Club Canterbury is to bring together Suzuki four wheel drive owners, like your self, to share these stimulating experiences through organized events, like camping trips, weekend trips and also training days.

The Suzuki 4WD Club Canterbury also acts as your voice to keep 4x4 roads and trails open so that we can continue enjoying four wheeling in the great outdoors. Through our united efforts, the opinions and beliefs of four wheel enthusiasts are heard by land management agencies such as DOC and local councils.

The Suzuki 4WD Club (Canterbury) meets every second Tuesday of the month at the Everglades Golf Club, 637 Marshlands Road, Christchurch at 7:30pm. New members are welcome

New Member Liaison:
Gary Lake PH:(03) 383 4696

Suzuki 4WD Club(Canterbury) Inc.
C/o McGirr Motors,
127a Peterborough Street,
Christchurch 8013

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