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Christchurch Four Wheel Drive Club Inc.
  New Members Welcome

A Brief History

Originally known as the Quad Drive Club, the club is over 25 years old. Not long after its formation, a name change was proposed that would better reflect what the club was all about and the Christchurch Four Wheel Drive Club was born.

Members and Vehicles
The Club has a wide variety of vehicle types with varying levels of modification that regularly gather for trips. We have about 60 Members in part due to the relaxed and supportive group atmosphere and the great trips that are run.

Club Trips and Grades
We run a variety of trips through out the year, usually between 2 and 4 a month and use a 5 point grading system to indicate the degree of difficultness and driver experience required for each one. Grade 1 generally indicates easy driving for novice drivers with no damage or paint scratches likely. Grade 5 on the other hand means deep water, possible damage to your vehicle and therefore only experienced drivers are recommended.

Club trips can vary from local river type terrain, farm tracks, scenic lake trips, right through to quite challenging West Coast trips that tend to involve a lot of towing and plenty of mud. Trips are generally run over a single day, usually a Sunday, with some weekend and longer trips organised too.

On top of this we have regular training days for newer members, which a majority of our experienced members attend to give advice and direction. We also have the odd social event such as Ten Pin Bowling, Christmas and Mid Winter Dinners, Kart Racing and the like which all add to the camaraderie felt within the Club.

Minimum Requirements
The Club has several minimum requirements before joining which a mandatory scrutineering session will check to ensure the basics are in all club vehicles.
These include…

  • Tow Attachments (front & rear)
  • Rope or Strop (10m long min)
  • Shovel
  • First Aid Kit
  • Axe
    Fire Extinguisher
  • Spare wheel the same size as those already fitted
  • Spark Arrestor
  • Proof of insurance (Third Party min)
  • Club Scutineering Sticker
  • PRS Radio (UHF)

Recommended Equipment:

  • Longer Ropes / Strops (30m etc)
  • Winch (powered, hand or Turfor)
  • Shackels, Snatch Block
  • Ground Anchor
  • Snow Chains
  • Maps
  • High Lift Jack
  • Tree Strops
  • Crow Bar
  • Chain Saw (must for the West Coast)
  • Spot Light
  • Spare fluids for your truck (engine, diff, gearbox etc)

If the essential equipment items are not present at the beginning of the trip, the trip leader has the authority to exclude you from the trip

Prospective Members

Attend a Club Meeting as detailed below. Make yourself known to the New Member Officer

Fill in the Club Application

Participate in a minimum of 2 one day trips or training days (you must have approved hooks fitted front and rear)

You may attend other trips including some overnight trips until such time as Full Membership is approved. You will be required to meet the Essential Equipment Requirements and have your truck Scrutineered by the Club Scutineering Officer before attending further trips. Full Membership normally takes about 6 weeks from when you have completed your 2 mandatory trips as your application needs to be notified to all club members.)

Once Membership is Approved you will need to pay your Membership Fees

Affix the supplied Scrutineering Sticker to your window.

You can then have access to the Club Website and attend Club Trips.

How to contact us
We meet on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:30pm at the Cashmere Club Garden Bar. Or you can reach us at PO Box 4560, Christchurch.

Club email: chch4wd@gmail.com


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