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Canterbury Recreational Four Wheel Drive Club

Our Vision

The Canterbury Recreational Four Wheel Drive Club is dedicated to enthusiastic, friendly and enjoyable four wheel driving whilst encouraging the responsible use of four-wheel drive vehicles so as to avoid damage to property and to the environment.

The Club:

  • Promotes friendship, enjoyment and goodwill among its members. A non-competitive, supportive and family environment will be encouraged.
  • Promotes safe and economical (not ‘cheque book’) four wheel driving. (Standard or only slightly modified vehicles are all that are needed for Club trips).
  • Promotes and encourage the responsible use of four-wheel drive vehicles so that maximum benefit and enjoyment is achieved consistent with the avoidance of damage to private and public lands and property.
  • Promotes responsible four wheel driving as a valid form of recreation.

Club Trips
Trips are held regularly (at least monthly), both day trips (on Sunday usually, with occasional Saturday trips) and overnight (weekend and long weekend) trips.

Vehicle Requirements
CR4WDC trips are off-road trips and only vehicles designed for this purpose should be used. Vehicles need high ground clearance and high and low range gears. Minimum equipment for Club trips includes safe towing points front and rear, (rated hooks and / or shackles), fire extinguisher, first aid kit, shovel and tow strap or rope.

Vehicles must be in a safe and roadworthy condition with current Registration, Warrant Of Fitness to LTSA standards and other applicable legal requirements (e.g. RUC). Third Party vehicle insurance is a minimum requirement.

The Club has a restriction on tyre sizes for Club trips – they must not exceed 33 inches in diameter.

How to contact us
The Club can be contacted by either writing to:
“The Secretary at PO Box 5444, Christchurch 8542”
or by visiting our website at http://www.cr4wd.org.nz


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