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Canterbury Land Rover Owners Club Inc.

The Canterbury Land Rover Owners Club is one of New Zealand’s oldest recreational 4WD Clubs being formed in 1966, and has over 200 family and individual members.

Our major activity is running trips into the out of doors for our members, and there is usually a trip on somewhere off road every weekend. A large number of our trips are two day trips involving overnight camping. Our major camp is run for about 10 days over the Christmas –New Year holiday period and these camps have been held in a number of locations in the South Island. Family participation is strong in the Club and we now have a number of second-generation family members.

 Another high level of activity is around the training and safety aspects, and the Club has a strong culture for giving good and complete training especially to new members. Safety of people and equipment is also a high item for the Club as we have never had any major accidents and we wish to keep it that way.

Membership of the Club is not just restricted to Land Rover owners as membership is representative of all makes of recreational 4WD vehicles sold. However Land Rovers influence is still strong, and the club also runs specialist trips for land rovers only, usually the older models. (Nothing like a bit of nostalgia.)

The Club also supports the Treadlightly! Code and has and is still now in the forefront of responsible recreation with 4WD Vehicles, on both private and public land, and the Club has a long association with many high country farmers and land owners who welcome our club trips onto their properties, and we will continue to work to maintain that good will, therefore we are not so forgiving of those whose only purpose with a 4WD is to wreck the countryside.
Hence our Club is a strong and active supporter of Combined 4WD Clubs Inc.

The Club meets every third Tuesday of the month at the Belfast Rugby Club Rooms.
Website: http://www.clroc.net.nz
Facebook: Canterbury-Land-Rover-Owners-Club


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