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Combined 4WD Clubs Inc.

"To ensure continued access to both private and public lands for member clubs and to promote four wheel driving as a valid and accepted form of recreation"

Our Aims and Objectives are:

  • Fostering four wheel drive activities that enhance members’ clubs activities
  • Actively seeking better access to land for members’ clubs and collectively acting together on behalf of members’ clubs that are involved with access problems
  • Supporting national groups when lobbying on issues that benefit four wheel driving and members’ clubs including, but not limited to, access issues.
  • Providing a central voice for promoting and enhancing four wheel driving in general on behalf of members’ clubs
  • Educating the public and four-wheel drivers on safe four wheel driving that follows the “Tread lightly” principles
  • Promoting friendship and goodwill amongst all owners of four wheel drive vehicles with emphasis on promoting club membership
  • To seek out, promote and present opportunities to members’ clubs that utilise the combined clubs membership
  • To deal with issues that relate to four wheel driving at the request of members’ clubs and that meet the aims and objectives listed above.
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